Take The Path of Pull Leadership

Shoshana Rosenfeld, President of Shoshana Rosenfeld & Co., Inc. and author of Pull: The Power of Magnetic Leadership specializes in partnering with executives and their teams to create cultures of Pull Leadership that significantly increase:

  • Talent engagement, wellbeing and retention
  • Capacity to focus and produce critical business results
  • Leadership capability
  • Learning and performance agility and resilience
  • Ability to successfully execute on a vision


  • What would it take to create a business vision that is so meaningful it inspires your team to rally around it?
  • What support is needed for you and your team to break the cycle of doing the same things over and over again, but expecting different results?
  • How do you activate the full potential and highest performance of yourself and your team and find a path forward?

Pull Leaders articulate a compelling vision, achieve alignment and generate success through creating conditions for high performance in themselves and others.

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