Shape Your Leadership by Shifting Your Intention

Winston Churchill remarked that “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” The same is true of our thoughts. How much time do you spend investing energy in your thoughts toward things you want instead of pushing against things you don’t?  Any time you exert force against something, that force pushes back with an equal amount of energy against you … it’s Newton’s Law.

Intention in leadership is about the rigorous and ongoing process of choosing where to place your focus. It relies on the skill of using a narrative with the language of purpose, meaning, possibility, commitment and self-care. This presentation shows leaders how to:

  • Identify your habits of thought
  • Evolve beyond the habitual tendency of your mind to focus on a dialogue of complaint, blame and survival
  • Learn to lead your team through focused intention
  • Quickly and easily shift your focus from what is upsetting and troubling to your desired outcomes
  • Leverage your brain’s ability to rewire itself in order to increase focus and fulfillment
  • Activate your learning and performance agility and resilience
  • Put in place daily practices to leverage the power of intention.

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Leverage your brain’s ability to rewire itself to increase focus, fruition and fulfillment.

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