Leadership Team Development

The leaders of tomorrow won’t be standalone gurus who lead the charge solo, but will be part of a diverse group of talented individuals who inspire top performance throughout their organizations.

These leaders of the future clarify their current landscape, design an inspiring vision and commit to a plan to execute on it.

Using the Business Culture and Values Alignment Pyramid, together we:

Envision the future.

  • What does your organization want to create as its best possible future? What future stretches your capabilities and self-image?

Create audacious goals.

  • What big, measurable objectives do you want to create around important targets such as innovation, brand expansion, customer satisfaction and business growth?

Generate a high level of engagement.

  • When you have shared roles and goals, everyone on the team understands that the success of the organization depends on each other.

Operate above the line as individuals.

  • When all individuals on the team choose to show up as inspiring leaders, they focus on possibilities, are driven by purpose and meaning and are rooted in commitment and accountability.

If the ideas above resonate with you and you want to create a culture of Pull Leadership in your organization, please contact Shoshana to schedule a Pull Leadership Strategy Session.

In this one-hour consultation you will reflect on where you are today as a Pull Leader and create an initial strategy for moving yourself, your leadership team and your organization to the next level.

Leaders of the future clarify their current landscape, design an inspiring vision and execute on it.

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