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Pull Leaders are above the line – magnetic and inspiring in their language and action. Executive coaching enables leaders to activate their highest potential and move from push to Pull Leadership by learning to:

Be intentional.

  • Shift your focus from the story you are currently telling yourself about your leadership, your team and your project that isn’t producing the results you want. Move to having a new conversation grounded in a narrative that uses the language of purpose, meaning and possibility.

Be responsible. 

  • Take the invitation to break away from finger pointing. Tell the truth when you are spinning your wheels about current circumstances and other people, and acknowledge the fallacy that you have control over anyone other than yourself.

Be grounded and positive.

  • Expand your perception of possibilities. Retrain your brain to see the bigger picture and increase your practice of gratitude by anchoring your focus on what is working vs. what is lacking.

Be teachable.

  • Develop the readiness to learn something new by tempering the qualities of self-assurance and tenacity with the openness and willingness required to not have all the answers.

This work is designed for high-performing leaders who want to increase personal mastery, results and fulfillment at work.   The types of executives who have found this coaching to be the most valuable include:

  • Leaders in transition
  • Leaders shifting to a more senior role with increased responsibility
  • Leaders of newly forming or expanding global teams
  • Leaders shifting to a new function in the same organization, with larger teams and greater visibility
  • Senior leaders wanting a confidential context to think through complex challenges with a neutral listener who can ask powerful questions and offer new perspectives.

If the above resonate with you and you want to create a culture of Pull Leadership in your organization please contact Shoshana.

This work is designed for high-performing leaders who want to increase personal mastery, results and fulfillment.

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